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Putting consent,

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at the heart of

sex education

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February 2021

Petition Launched

The Teach Us Consent website launches following an influx of support for the campaign, with 44,000 people signing the petition to mandate consent education in the Australian National Curriculum.

March 2021

Operation Vest launches

Chanel and NSW Police launch Operation Vest to encourage informal reporting of sexual assault. This sees an unprecedented 54% month-on-month increase in the reporting of sexual assault in NSW.

April 2021

VIC mandates consent education

Teach Us Consent begins working with the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) to update and incorporate consent education nation-wide, while Victoria announces its state-wide mandate.

April 2021

Petition triggers debate

The petition hosted on the NSW Parliament triggers a debate, which results in unanimous agreement for improved consent education in NSW.

July 2021

QLD mandates consent education

Following a meeting with Chanel Contos in March, QLD Education Minister Grace Grace and Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announce that consent education will be mandatory from the age of 10 in QLD.

September 2021

Consent Roundtable hosted

Teach Us Consent hosts a Roundtable event to discuss mandated consent education that is attended by several of the country’s most influential education and human rights stakeholders as well as youth victim-survivors of sexual assault.

February 2022

Consent Education is mandated

Teach Us Consent presents at a meeting of the Ministers of Education. It is here that they unanimously agree to mandate consent education in the National Curriculum.

March 2022

School survey promised

The government gives $5 million to The Human Rights Commission to undertake a school survey as an action from Chanel meeting with then Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Teach Us Consent becomes a senior advisor on the project.

July 2022

Stealthing Roundtable hosted

Teach Us Consent hosts a roundtable about the criminalisation of stealthing, which is the non-consensual removal of a condom, or the failure to put one on when having previously agreed to. This is attended by Attorney Generals, Shadow Attorney Generals, key stakeholders, and victim-survivors who share their stories.

December 2022

QLD & SA criminalise stealthing

Following Teach Us Consent’s advocacy, the Attorneys Generals of QLD & SA criminalise stealthing in December ‘22 and March ‘23 respectively. WA remains the only jurisdiction to not have made stealthing an offence.

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