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We matched with the world’s most popular dating app to help promote their new safety initiatives to our Instagram audience. In a series of sponsored posts, we explored Tinder’s innovative in-app safety features, helped demystify common dating & consent terminology, and promoted their in-house guide to dealing with rejection. Our content deeply resonated, boasting an average engagement rate of 13%.

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We collaborated with Laneway Festival to create a series of consent-focused educational posters and wording for stage screens and Instagram posts. Harnessing the open and positive mindset of festival goers, we offered them approachable messages like “don’t let your mate be that guy”, and “there’s nothing hotter than a yes''. Our work took a primary preventative approach, promoting active bystander intervention and prosocial behaviour in crowds.

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We partnered with sexual wellness brand LifeStyles to spotlight consent messaging during the moments that count. Together, we placed consent messaging on the front of 4.3 million condom foils, developed a comprehensive consent leaflet that sits in each condom box, and consulted on consumer campaigns aimed at empowering Gen Z to ask for, and respect, consent.

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