A movement founded
by activist Chanel Contos lobbying for and providing holistic consent and
sexuality education.
A movement founded
by activist Chanel Contos lobbying for and providing holistic consent and
sexuality education.
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Dear Minister,

My name is .

I am a resident of , where you are the Minister for Education.

I am writing to you today to advocate for the inclusion of holistic sexuality education in the Australian curriculum at an earlier stage than is currently delivered.

I understand that in the coming week, you and the other Ministers for Education from around the country will meet to consider and vote on ACARA’s proposed and revised PDHPE curriculum. Key stakeholders, experts, and advocates have been working tirelessly over the year to ensure this curriculum is as comprehensive as possible for the next generation of Australians.

I am writing to ask that as Minister for Education you APPROVE the proposed curriculum.

This issue is particularly important to me and I have signed the Teach Us Consent petition, alongside over 44,600 other Australians, to call on all Australian governments to ensure earlier and more comprehensive sexual consent education is taught in Australian schools. I strongly believe that receiving earlier sexual education about consent will keep me and my friends safer during and after school. I am highly concerned by the over 6,600 testimonies of sexual assault from current and former Australian school students that have been submitted to https://www.teachusconsent.com. The upcoming ACARA meeting is a chance for genuine change.

Additionally, as a state Minister of Education, I am asking that you take the following steps to address my concerns:

  • Support your Department for Education to go above and beyond the National curriculum, to improve holistic sexuality and consent education at a state/territory level by including topics such as rape culture, grooming, sexual coercion, slut shaming, toxic masculinity, queer sex education, enthusiastic consent, and porn literacy.
  • Publicly pledge your support for sexual assault survivors.

In your response, please outline the ways in which you intend to address this issue on my behalf. Thank you in advance for taking this opportunity to support the next generation of Australian students by voting yes to the PDHPE curriculum change.


A concerned member of your community.

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and email it to your school.

The following letter concerns the perpetuation of rape culture at .

Rape culture exists when the prevailing social attitudes within a society or environment serve to normalise and trivialise sexual assault and abuse.

In early 2021, Chanel Contos launched a social media campaign that shared the testimonies of hundreds of victim survivors of sexual assault and a petition that calls for more holistic sexuality education earlier in the Australian school curriculum.

These stories relate to the experiences of many who attended , revealing the urgent need to tackle this issue of rape culture in our school. We urge you to read through every story, all of which can be found at https://www.teachusconsent.com

In order to tackle sexual violence and safeguard the rights and well-being of all students at , we recommend the following:

  • Reform the school’s curriculum to explicitly include consent.
  • Acknowledge and teach phrases including ‘rape culture’, ‘toxic masculinity’, ‘slut shaming’, and ‘sexual coersion’ in the updated curriculum.
  • Sex education should be a scheduled, compulsory lesson conducted regularly. These classes should take place through the duration of the student’s time at the school.
  • Develop and adopt a zero tolerance policy for sexual assault and harrassament in consultation with staff and students. This should outline a commitment to tackling behaviours that foster the prevalence of rape culture. Allowing ‘jokes’ is the foundation of a problematic culture.
  • Outline disciplinary proceedings for misogyny, sexism, harassment, abuse and assault.
  • Appoint trained members of staff as guidance counsellors that students can approach with these issues. If students have been victim to sexual harassment, assault or abuse they should have immediate access to support and information. If students feel that they have been guilty of misogynistic attitudes in the past they should be allowed the opportunity for reform and grow through guidance and consultation.
  • Collaborate with relevant and respected sexual education organisations.

We hope that you share our concerns on this issue and will commit to taking immediate action to bring about positive change.

Yours sincerely,

A concerned member of your school community.